September 15, 2015

Most people may think that Interior designer are for the wealthy and privileged. But that simply is not the case. Interior Designers are some of the most versatile professionals.

Most interior designers and design companies have various services they can offer their client.

They can basically be broken down into three categories:

Basic Package – this is where the interior designer will help you get your projects started, they will aid in the concepts and basic plans so the project starts in the right way.

Intermediate package – the interior designer will give the basic package, but then will also help with advanced drawings and offer specifications and finishes. Which you can then implement on your project.

The final package would be the full package, where you would not have to do anything. The designer will offer a full turnkey package from basic design concept to handover. They will do all the drawings, source all the finishes and specifications, handle the contractors and give you a full complete project where you can just move in.

Most people do not realise the enormity involved when starting a new construction project, from the detailed construction drawings to dealing with contractors. I have met clients where relationships have hit troubled waters due to a home remodel or new construction.

Interior designers are there to help, to communicate your needs and desires in the correct way, to the correct people and mostly importantly in the best budget that will suite you.

Here are five very important reasons on why to hire an interior designer:

  • Solve your problems – Perhaps you have are downsizing and don’t know how to fit everything in, or maybe you are moving up and don’t know how to use what you’ve got and add to it in the bigger space. Or maybe you need more storage or a more functional kitchen or your bathroom is outdated. An experienced designer is trained to come up with solutions to these problems and many more.
  • Avoid costly mistakes – Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture and when it was delivered it was the wrong size for your room? Scale and proportion is one of the most difficult things for amateur decorators to get right, and mistakes can be costly when you buy furniture that doesn’t fit. Another costly mistake is with painting since 40% of paint sales are from people selecting the wrong color the first time.
  • Keep you focused – There are thousands of options in furniture, fabrics, flooring, lighting, and accessories and they come at every price point. A designer can narrow your vision to products within your style and also within your reach, budget wise. We listen carefully to your goals and aspirations for your home and create the perfect combinations of products to reflect your lifestyle. Narrowing your options is a time saver and keeps you from getting overwhelmed with options.
  • Increase the value of your home – Too many homeowners embark on home improvements or interior design projects that end up reducing the value of their home. Designers can see the “big picture” and also know what is helping homes sell and what is holding them back. Selecting the right products and ensuring proper installation will reap benefits far greater than the cost of hiring a designer in the first place.
  • Project management – Interior designers build strong relationships with architects, painters, plumbers, electricians, and other contractors who will finish the work on time and on budget. Projects won’t be delayed by a contractor that doesn’t show up because they know if they don’t take care of the designer’s clients they won’t continue to get hired for jobs. When the project is managed by an experienced designer all of the details are taken care of and your headaches are eliminated.

So next time you feel overwhelmed by a project, contact an interior designer- most designer offer free first consultation ☺ But most of all relax and enjoy the ride, and let your designer make it the most enjoyable and stress less ride possible.